Current Workshops

Understanding Acute and Complex Trauma/Processing Trauma Matthew Vasquez, PhD, LMSW

Thursday 02/21/2019 2:00-5:00  An Advanced Overview of Acute and Complex Trauma. 

This workshop provides participants an advanced overview of the neurobiological, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning of those exposed to traumatic incidents (e.g., abuse, disaster, war). This presentation will be divided into two parts. First, a discussion on single incident traumatic exposure (acute trauma), its definition, effects on cognitive and somatic functioning, and behavioral presentation. The second part will discuss the effects of multiple incidents of traumatic exposure (complex trauma), and will include an overview of the psychosomatic mechanisms that produce confusing and often difficult to treat symptoms (e.g., extreme aggression, blackouts, self-harm, hallucinations, and dissociation). Discussions of how to effectively work with traumatized populations will be woven throughout the presentation.


Friday 02/22/2019 9:00-4:30 Processing Trauma and Building Resiliency

Based on content from the workshop “An Advanced Overview of Acute and Complex Trauma”, This all day workshop will provide the clinical practitioner a step-by-step overview of a new, client-centered, multi-modal form of trauma treatment that can be used to 1) enhance client safety, stability, and resiliency, and 2) process acute to moderately complex forms of trauma with minimal risk of hyper-arousal and hijacking. This intervention draws upon techniques from many traditional and current evidence-based trauma interventions (e.g., body-based psychotherapy, somatic experiencing therapy, eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing, mindfulness, and sensorimotor psychotherapy), and is flexible enough in its application that it can be incorporated with several other forms of therapy. Significant class time will be devoted to skill building through participant demonstration. All participants will receive a manual that provides detailed instructions for all skills covered in the workshop.


Thursday, February 21st: 2-5pm An Advanced Overview of Acute and Complex Trauma


Friday, February 22nd: 9am-4:30pm (Lunch on your own) Processing Trauma and Building Resiliency  

Price of Workshop: $125 (due at registration) CEU's available upon request with no additional charge (9 CEU's SWK)


To Register: Call 641-421-2089 Registration Deadline: February 1, 2019


Location : Mason City, IA (exact location will be determined based on number registered, will be emailed)

Trauma Workshop Flyer 02/21/2019-02/22/2019 (pdf)