Specialty Services


 Includes working with parents and teenagers separately and as a family to build communication and to have better relationships; seeking mutual understanding on issues involving the safety, privacy, and well-being of family members; helping both parents and teenagers feel respected, trusted, and trusting in each other. 


Includes working with parents and children separately and as a family. Working with children through grieving , anger, depression, and anxiety through play and talk. 



 Includes ways of managing severe emotional states through safety planning, finding relief through relaxation and stress management techniques, and exploration and resolution of problems causing or related to depression and anxiety through play and talk. 


 Includes assessment of relationship goals, communication styles, and ways that couples manage conflict. Counseling is used to trouble-shoot the patterns of thinking and behavior that are causing conflict, and then to put into place new patterns of interacting that will lead to lasting relationship satisfaction. 


 Addresses the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that follow traumatic events. Some of the events that can cause post-traumatic stress include: being the victim or a witness of a violent crime, experiencing a threat to one’s life, witnessing a death or lethal accident, participating in military combat. 



Special Population with Disabilities